Anti-aging Vitamin C Serum

Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your own beauty products. Vitamin C face serum. get all the indgredients at
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  • chinthikamr

    @gorgeouslygreen can i use crushed vitamin c pills instead of l ascorbic acid? I cant find it here in my country. Thanks..

  • englishplum

    this video was just what I was looking for, I had some vit C powder and didn’t enjoy consuming by mouth, so now I know how to make the serum – thanks a lot for your video, you are a wonderful presenter, amazing waist too :)

  • faffibo

    Your video inspired me to make an Alpha Lipoic Acid serum, because I’ve heard that ALA contains an extremely high concentration of antioxidants. HOWEVER, once I break open the capsule of the powdered ALA and mix it with water in a glass vial, the ALA either sits on the top or sinks to the bottom, as if it were sand. No matter how much I shake the vial, this is what happens. Its also pretty gritty. What should I do SOPHIE!!!

  • prettysun

    @gorgeouslygreen Oh, I see! I can’t find vitamin c in powdered form here in Holland, I asked it at the pharmacy but they don’t have it. And you’re right, if you’re buying a commercial vitamin c serum, it does cost like an arm and a leg :))
    Thank you for the recipe!

  • semaokeeffe

    You are a gergeous women, thank you for those tips xx

  • PatriciaSdeLopez

    Is it safe and useful to add zinc oxide powder to this recipe for sun protection?

    If so, will it be necessary to apply 1 tsp of zinc oxide and 1 additional tsp of the other ingredients (water and glycerin)?

  • gorgeouslygreen

    Yes, you can get the Vitamin C powder or crystals from Duane Reed or CVS Pharmacy – also Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. It’s sometimes called L-ascorbic acid and is the same thing.

  • vanitha2002

    can any one tell me where can i find ascorbic acid powder tried finding it in all places walmart,walgreens ,kroger,target.can u plz tell me where can i find it &the brand name plzzzzzzzzzzzz.everywhere im finding it in capsule or tablet form.

  • xaraIsTheWay

    how can i make 20% of vitamin c serum? thanks

  • gorgeouslygreen

    @DazzleDiaries I would use as is.

  • orginunknown

    the stuff changed color from white to brown. that means the vitamin c oxidized meaning it’s inactive and won’t do anything.

  • gorgeouslygreen

    @81drifty Yes it’s the same. The C crystals take a while to dissolve. So make sure you dissolve them in water first for a minute or two before adding glycerin. After adding the water, shake the bottle and the crystals will dissolve completely after a couple of hours.

  • gorgeouslygreen

    @sweetbunny9 Wholefoods in the Raw Food section

  • gorgeouslygreen

    You can buy them from Mountain Rose Herbs. Go to Gorgeously Green and press the button on the front page, which will click you straight through.

  • gorgeouslygreen

    @prettysun are you using vitamin C crystals only or the camu too? The camu will make it brownish – so if you don’t like that, just use the C crystals.

  • choxanakin

    ผสมแบบนี้มึงจะได้ Oxidase from แทนนะฮะ โมเลกุลวิตามินซีที่ขาดไฮโดรเจน = Free Redical นะฮะ

  • AlexandraParaskiv

    Thank you so mutch!Awesome!!

  • starveil101

    @prettysun That was the color of the Camu Camu Powder – good eye though!

  • flowerpetals1985

    Does anyone know where I can get rose petals from to make an infusion like she does on her video where she makes almond geranium face cream?

  • DazzleDiaries

    i love this!!!!!! can you add some vitamin E to this? or should it remain Vitamin C alone?

  • sweetbunny9

    where do I get the Camu Powder??

  • lovesparks314

    @prettysun The camu powder is yellowish, so it’s from that.

  • shelties100998

    @prettysun its from the camu powder

  • 81drifty

    is ascorbic acid the same as l.ascorbic acid, and why can i not disolve the crystals,
    the serum is gritty at the end

  • missgray71

    @jayneleigh10 Thank you so much! I will try that.

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