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Luminesce by Jeunesse

You want to look your best, and looking your best means doing what you can do to reduce the signs of aging. Many of the women I know would have a face lift in a second if they didn't have to have surgery to get it. When you consider the drawbacks to face lift surgery… the expense, recovery time, threat of infection or scarring, and stories of botched operations just to name a few, it is hard for many people to justify the procedure for themselves.



Up until now your options were limited. You could have botox, but botox actually paralyzes the muscles, and comes with its own set of risk factors. Then you have to have it done over and over again, exposing yourself to more expense and risk each time. The only other viable option was to try one of the many many skin creams on the market that often promise fantastic results but fail to deliver. 

Wrinkle Free without botox


Have You Heard About …


Stem cells are cells that have the ability to grow into any kind of cell in the body, and they rely on special signals to tell them what cells they will ultimately become. If you know the stem cell language, then you could communicate to the cells.

In this way, you could have stem cells that become new young skin cells, rebuild collagen, and deliver a new younger looking skin.

Watch this 2 minute video to discover more about how people are looking younger than they ever thought possible.


Stem Cell Technology in Skin Care?

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LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum by Jeunesse Global

 This is the look of confidence.

LUMINESCE&trade cellular rejuvenation serum When you know you look your best, you feel more confident.



  • Lessen the look of frown creases on your forehead
  • Lighten the signs of sagging skin around the eyes
  • Smooth out the appearance of crow's feet
  • Calm the look of laugh lines around your mouth and on your cheeks
  • Soften the appearance of pursed lip lines

If you can't have a face lift, maybe you can LOOK like you did!


When you apply LUMINESCE™ with your fingertips, it glides on silky smooth. Immediately you notice a dewy fresh look often associated with much younger skin. Dry saggy skin appears more vibrant and alive, with moisture that penetrates deep into the layers. Over 200 growth factors get to work, stimulating vital protein production that has slowed down with maturity. Depleted collagen stores are restored so skin appears firmer and tighter. NOW YOU'RE SMILING!

No Chemicals on My Face PLEASE!

Today it just doesn't make sense to have unsafe preservatives, like parabens, and other chemicals in your skin care. Your skin literally drinks up what you put on it. When I read some of the ingredients on those other products, I just can't imagine putting it on my skin.

We GUARANTEE that when you put  LUMINESCE™ products on your face you are getting nothing except the purest all natural ingredients. We have been able to produce the finest anti-aging skin care products available on the market today with ingredients you do want, and nothing else.

We believe in setting a standard others must reach up to. So what's the bottom line?



Why Is LUMINESCE™ So Much Better Than Other Anti-Wrinkle Serums?

This formula, developed by renowned Cosmetic Surgeon and Dermatologist Dr Nathan Newman, is manufactured using adult STEM CELL technology. Stem cells have the ability to divide indefinitely. In medicine, stem cells are being studied as REGENERATIVE or REPARATIVE therapies.

Daily application of LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum results in damaged skin cell repair and new skin tissue regeneration, leaving skin luminous, smooth, and firm. With a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this advanced skin care formula has shown remarkable and safe results.

Read more about Dr Newman and the exclusive repairing and regeneration Stem Cell Therapy technology that went into this product. Click Here


LUMINESCE™ daily moisturizing complex

LUMINESCE&trade cellular rejuvenation serum

The Luminesce™ daily moisturizing complex is a beautiful addition to the Jeunesse Global line. Use it after LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum to receive even better results. Here are some of the reasons we think you will love using this product.

  • Paraben free, all natural
  • Moisturizing— drench your cells with moisture that lasts 24 hours  
  • Further improve the appearance of aging skin by filling in lines and creases
  • Contains an the same exclusive patent pending formula derived from adult stem cells.  200+ key human growth factors gently replenish natural levels of proteins like collagen and elastin
  • Sunscreen protects your face from further damage. (SPF 30)



Synergistic Super Ingredients

A 3-in-1 moisturizer with patent pending ingredients, this non-greasy hydrating complex instantly absorbs into the skin upon application, leaving your skin looking radiant and ensuring protection at the surface and cellular level. It is the perfect partner for Jeunesse Global’s flagship product–LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum.

AcquaCell*: A natural complex containing apple, lentil, and watermelon extracts rich in B5, trisaccarides, and polysaccharides that encourage the skin’s natural ability to hydrate; also features antioxidants useful in helping to combat the effects of aging.

Phormistim**: Cyanobacteria, or blue algae, date back 3. 5 billion years and naturally protects against UV rays by reducing sunburn cells and DNA damage; it may also enhance strength and length of SPF.

Aesthigel**: This red seaweed extract absorbs quickly into the skin to provide a natural, superior moisturizing barrier without an “oily” after feel and an exceptionally smooth texture that improves the skin’s feel.

Chlorellagen D/DP**: A single-celled green algae extract rich in proteins and amino acids with collagen and elastin improving properties; clinical studies suggest healing from radiation exposure.


LUMINESCE™ Advanced Night Repair


30mL (1 oz) jar

Jeunesse's outstanding PARABEN-Free Luminesce night repair revealed increased intracellular hydration by 85% in just two weeks plus the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in as little as two hours. It increases skin firmness and elasticity and contains powerful vitamins and antioxidants to help protect your cell membranes from free radicals. 

Contains 200+ key human growth factors that gently replenish your skin's natural levels of proteins like collagen and elastin. Our Night Repair absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves no oily residue. 


Benefits Unmatched:

  • Increases intracellular hydration by 85% in just two weeks*
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in as little as two hours†
  • Protects against free radical damage† with LUMINESCE™ skin vitamin complex
  • Replenishes collagen and elastin with stem cell growth factors
  • Diminishes the appearance of age spots and evens skin tone
  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity

LUMINESCE™ Youth Restoring Facial Cleanser 


90mL tube

Jeunesse LUMINESCE youth restoring facial cleanser, from Dr. Nathan Newman, is an exclusive cleanser that protects your skin's natural hydration, removes deep impurities, and detoxifies your skin without stripping away the essential nutrients or moisture that are needed to support the cell renewal process. This purifying lightweight facial gel infuses your pores with essential nutrients and vitamins, and helps prevent the breakout of unwanted and unsightly blemishes. This cleanser is specifically formulated to absorb the maximum benefits of your LUMINESCE regimen.


Beautiful Benefits:

  • Removes toxins at the cellular level
  • Gently exfoliates to reveal skin that is rejuvenated by companion LUMINESCE™ products
  • Brings essential nutrients and vitamins to pores while cleansing
  • Smooths and polishes skin texture with alpha and beta hydroxy acids
  • Helps prevent acne, blemishes, and other skin impurities
  • Improves overall appearance; skin appears smoother, brighter, younger-looking*
  • Contains no Sodium Lauryl/Laureth, sulfate or parabens


  • Cellular detoxifying complex* – results of clinical studies show an overall improved complexion: noticeably smoother and brighter skin, a reduction of the visible signs of age, and an increase in radiance
  • Aloe vera extract – a natural moisturizer that helps sooth, heal, and condition dry skin
  • Essential vitamins complex A, C, and E – a special blend of essential vitamins designed to nourish and protect your skin
  • Alpha and beta hydroxy acids – gently detoxify and effectively exfoliate old, dead skin cells and other impurities from your skin's surface, revealing a brighter, more youthful complexion
  • Green tea extract – a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation and block the production of free radicals

LUMINESCE Essential Body Renewal

Luminesce Body Renewal Stem Cell Skin Care


150mL Tube (5 oz.)

Our LUMINESCE essential body renewal distributes extreme deep hydration with the healing and regenerating powers of adult stem cell technology. This exclusive body lotion has been specially formulated with optimal ingredients under the expertise of world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Nathan Newman to help boost our collagen formation, improve skin elasticity, and protect against premature aging. LUMINESCE™ essential body renewal gently nourishes, restores, and softens all skin types, particularly in rough and dry areas. Our body renewal works without clogging your pores



Body Renewal Benefits for Men and Women

  • Hydrates deeply to nourish and soften skin
  • Restores youthful cell functions for greater tone and elasticity
  • Protects against free radicals and other environmental damage
  • Evens skin tone and helps combat photo-aging
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Accelerates natural healing process
  • Visibly repairs dry, damaged skin and soothes itchy or irritated areas


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